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Our address: Russia, Moscow region, Podolsk, Lenin Street, 1
Russia, Moscow region, Podolsk, Lenin Street, 1
Mon-Fri: 10:00-18:00
57 Pyatnitskaya str., building 2, Moscow, 115184
Mon-Fri: 10:00-18:00
57 Pyatnitskaya str., building 2, Moscow, 115184
Mon-Fri: 10:00-18:00

Beautiful and durable - artificial stone countertops in Moscow

We boldly declare that the kitchen is the main place in the house for the hostess. Each apartment owner has her own concept of a perfectly equipped kitchen. Of course, not only aesthetics are important here, but also comfort and functionality. Nobody wants to face the inconvenience of making the wrong choice every day. 

What the top should look like

Sooner or later, people face the problem of which countertop to choose for their kitchen. Many nuances should be taken into account here: from material capabilities to material properties. The first thing to focus on: durability, ease of care and ease of use.
But other factors play an equally significant role, for example:

  • resistance to moisture and high temperatures;

  • ability to withstand mechanical stress;

  • environmentally friendly material;

  • possibility to restore the surface;

  • do not react to detergents and chemically aggressive substances.

    Materials for making countertops

Consider the specifics of the most popular materials in this capacity.


Only varnishing and careful care will help such a surface last long enough. After all, interaction with moisture is detrimental to wood, because mold microorganisms begin to develop. Poor chemical and heat resistance make solid wood an unfortunate choice for a kitchen countertop.

Laminated chipboard and MDF

There are not so many poles in materials, but the cheapness of such products attracts people. Chipboard surfaces emit harmful toxic compounds. Both materials are unstable to heat, moisture, acids, and detergents, making your countertop last long enough.

Granite and Marble

Natural stone is one of the most durable and expensive materials. But granite is very difficult to process and install, and marble is considered a porous mineral. It absorbs moisture, so fungal microorganisms quickly begin to multiply on it. Stone countertop prices are such that they are worth choosing when you are ready to spend a significant amount.

A faux stone countertop is the perfect solution for your kitchen

Quality-made material from the manufacturing company LumaStone surpasses the natural analogue in all characteristics. A person with a developed aesthetic taste will like the elegance of the pattern and the perfectly flat surface of artificial stone products.
Onyx imitation at once and unequivocally solves the problem of exclusivity of interior design. No one will have exactly the same. The secret of onyx lies in its instant adaptability to a particular room style. 

Do not hesitate for a long time whether the material from the Ruby or Lapis line will fit well into the kitchen? Balance the juicy tone with neutral wall colors. Are you afraid to use a rich color palette? Focus on delicate smoky and honey shades, where a soft background and light strokes harmoniously combine. 

Beautiful and durable - artificial stone countertops in Moscow

Performance characteristics of artificial onyx

Practical people will not hesitate to appreciate the high wear resistance of artificial stone kitchen countertops. It exactly matches all of the above properties for countertops. But it is especially worth noting impact resistance, heat resistance and absolute moisture resistance. The material has no pores, so it is considered hygienic, which means that pathogenic bacteria cannot multiply on its surface.

LumaStone - exclusive onyx maker

Such a countertop is the golden mean in choosing: you get a durable and sophisticated piece of furniture. In addition, you will buy an artificial stone countertop in Moscow at a price much lower than a natural mineral.

Professionally made interior items from the LumaStone company are, again, not all that you get when contacting us. We guarantee work at the level of world standards of the entire team: designers, developers and installers. And competent advice from the masters at all stages.

To order a stone countertop in Moscow from LumaStone, call or apply online.

Working hours: Mon-Fri from 10:00 to 18:00

Our showroom is located at: 142180 Russia, Moscow region, Podolsk, Lenin street, 1

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