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Artificial onyx stone for your bathroom

Artificial onyx stone for your bathroom

Onyx is a semi-precious ornamental mineral, which due to its beauty is widely used in interior decoration. This stone, mined in many countries of the world, has since ancient times been considered an ideal material for creating elite home decor. Archaeologists claim that thousands of years ago onyx objects were used by rulers and nobles - this mineral was so valuable.

Onyx features

Natural onyx has a characteristic feature - the presence of numerous, intricately curved and intertwined veins. It is they who give the stone its unique charm, noble and expensive appearance. The mineral itself can be of very different colors - black, white, red, orange-brown. Stripes, in turn, tend to contrast with the background - they are white, black, greenish, etc.

Pieces of natural onyx sometimes have quite impressive dimensions, and the stone itself is easily processed. This has long made it in demand as a finishing material for a variety of rooms. Onyx panels, countertops, aprons, fireplace portals and other elements look extremely stylish and luxurious! Such additions are highly appreciated by both designers and interior owners. At the same time, they have one important disadvantage - the high cost, which often becomes an obstacle to the use of stone in decoration.

Artificial onyx for shower and bath

Nowadays, for connoisseurs of the natural luxury of onyx, there is an aesthetic, but affordable solution - the choice of artificial stone. It is produced using modern technologies from inexpensive natural mineral raw materials and polyester resins, visually and to the touch indistinguishable from the original. At the same time, man-made onyx even surpasses quarried in many ways:

  • it is several times stronger and lighter;
  • more durable due to the absence of micropores (does not absorb moisture, is not destroyed by caustic chemicals, does not accumulate microbes);
  • withstands temperatures up to 300 degrees;
  • looks like an exact copy of natural, while it can be absolutely any color, shade, with any desired pattern. Artificial onyx in appearance can be similar to all existing minerals - malachite, quartz, lapis lazuli, etc.;
  • the material is transparent, and its drawing is deep and expressive. This makes it possible to create the most unusual compositions with onyx using illumination;
  • man-made stone is easy to find in any size and quantity, finding the right one on sale will not be difficult.

The mineral created at the production facilities is used for finishing in the same way as natural. It is used to make wall, ceiling panels, facades and furniture surfaces, inlays, etc. A special scope for the use of onyx opens up when arranging bathrooms. There the stone can be used literally everywhere: to cover walls with it, to design partitions, niches, shelves, to make sinks, countertops and even full baths out of it! Of course, carved accessories and additions are also appropriate - lamps, vessels, etc.

Advantages of artificial onyx for bathroom decoration

Specialists in the field of design and decoration strongly support the desires of their clients to decorate bathrooms and showers with artificial onyx. This material is not only very beautiful, but also practical:

  • it absorbs sounds (for example, the noise of falling water);
  • the stone does not conduct current;
  • a man-made mineral, unlike many natural minerals, never has radioactivity;
  • onyx weakly absorbs heat, without taking it on itself during water procedures;
  • the plates serve truly for decades without changing their appearance, because the material does not suffer from the effects of aggressive detergents;
  • onyx panels are structurally easy to combine with any equipment - pipes, cables, light bulbs, etc.

Onyx for interior in Kaliningrad

Consumers who want to purchase high-quality and luxurious onyx stone for their premises can contact us at LumaStone. The material produced by us is famous all over the world for its strength, lightness, long service life and beauty. We offer our clients:

  • unlimited choice of designs (for any natural mineral), dimensions of plates;
  • the highest convenience of the material (light, strong, easy to handle);
  • prompt delivery of any quantity of onyx (large volumes are always in stock).

By contacting our company LumaStone, everyone can get the perfect finishing material for any room in the house! Artificial onyx, purchased for a reasonable fee, will give the decoration luxury, exclusivity and harmony for many years to come.

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