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Bathroom interiors

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Onyx items are more and more often found in elite interiors. Stone washbasins and bathtubs are extremely popular. Any onyx slab is unique, patterns and colors are inimitable and whimsical. The drawings on the slab can be combined and shaped into abstract pictorial images. These can be: flowers, the sky in the clouds, sand dunes and hills, butterflies and birds. Actually, for this picturesque feature of onyx, designers appreciate it so highly. To achieve maximum effect, it is advised to illuminate the sink and countertop made of artificial stone in the bathroom. This highlights the extraordinary appeal of the material and shows the product in a new look.

Distinctive qualities of artificial onyx

A bathtub made of artificial stone is visually indistinguishable from a natural product. Modern technologies accurately copy the natural texture and shades of the mineral. The desired configuration is achieved by injection molding, with a low weight of the product. In addition to being aesthetic, onyx is characterized by a host of useful qualities. The service life of these products is very long. The simulated stone is very durable, resistant to temperature extremes, and does not absorb moisture. The glossy or matte surface of the injection molded counterpart does not have micropores, which are often the causes of plaque and damage to the integrity of the product. Artificial onyx is resistant to dirt, you just need to wipe it with a soft cloth or sponge. Here are a few more practical qualities that make the material ideal for making bathtubs and sinks:

  • good noise absorption - the falling water flow will not create a rumble;
  • indifference to chemicals;
  • electrical insulating qualities;
  • environmental friendliness, the absence of a radioactive background, although it can exist in a natural stone;
  • low heat capacity coefficient allows you to keep the heat of water for a long time;
  • products are simply supplemented with such devices as: hydro-, aqua-massage, light for chromotherapy.

If in other rooms decorators sometimes advise not to get carried away with onyx, then in the bathroom it is permissible to use it as you like and anywhere.