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The process of processing artificial onyx

Stone is an interior decoration. To obtain the desired shape, the size is processed by texture processing of the material. Moreover, its appearance will be selected depending on the type of stone.

Types of stone processing, scope

The stone is originally a piece of rock that does not have a shape. To give shape, it is subjected to mechanical processing. After these procedures, it can be used for interior and exterior cladding. Stone-cutting equipment is used to process natural stone.
There are several types of processing:
cut. Slabs with specific dimensions are cut from blanks. After these actions, the surface of the stone will be rough, there are grooves on it. Sometimes irregularities can be up to 5 mm. The material will not slide. Steps, an entrance to the building, garden paths are laid out of it, and wall cladding is also performed. Different saws are involved (disc, band, wire). The slabs obtained as a result can be subjected to other types of processing and used for other tasks;
processing with grinding wheels. Here a more even and less rough surface is obtained, irregularities can be up to 0.5 mm. This treatment is relevant for breeds without a pronounced pattern. Most often, these stones have a light shade. Breeds that have an original color lose their attractiveness after processing. Plates after grinding are suitable for creating floors, platforms, stairs. The process can take place on conveyors or special machines;
processing with grinding wheels coated with microsection rock. They contribute to the polishing of the surface.After such processing, the surface of the stone becomes smooth, but it is not yet glossy. Ideal for flooring, building cladding. Here the structure, the shade of the material is further emphasized, the appearance of the stone becomes more attractive;
heat treatment. This is where the gas jet comes into play. Thanks to it, the effect of fused stone is provided. Perfectly appear after processing the shade, texture of the stone. Plates are used to finish facades, platforms, stairs.
Also, specialists can polish the stone and make engraving on its surface. To do this, you will need electric drills, polishing nozzles, special equipment.

Why choose LumaStone

The Luma Stone company offers its services for the processing of natural stone. The masters have extensive experience, so they will cope with any task. In addition, the arsenal of specialists has all the necessary equipment. It is accurate and can give any stone a beautiful shape, create slabs for decoration, cladding of various surfaces.

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